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The Gift of Curiosity

Curiosity! The traditional pose of curiosity is of students with hands in the air ready to ask questions. These are the ones who will move knowledge from their head into their context and this is a good thing. It means they can then apply the knowledge in a meaningful way and not just by rote repetition.

A traditonal pose of leadership is the leader up front having all the answers to those questions that are thrown at them. One of the great fears of emerging leaders and also at times, seasoned leaders is, 'what if I don't have all the answers?'

A power secret of a great leader is their ability to be curious. To take the stance of a ready listener. As I have been involved in interviews for a Senior Leader recently, I was intrigued as some in the room wondered if the leader being interviewed could lead. This doubt came to their minds as they heard his stance on 'ask don't tell or as a former mentor of mine used to stay,'don't stick in someone's ear what you can bring out of their mouth.'

Questions are a powerful and affirming way to lead others.

A few benefits of using powerful questions to lead:

  1. Aid people in sorting out their thoughts

  2. Create a platform for a clear direction

  3. Allow people to see what they have not seen

  4. Provide space for people to move information into their own context and thus understand it at a deeper level

Try asking before telling this next week and see what happens.

For more information on leading with curiosity by using 'Powerful Questions' contact:

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