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Part Seven: The Tension of Leader as Facilitator

Th Tension of Inner Inspiration and Outer Motivation

Dreaming is the easy part. The hard work to achieve the dream is the surprise and the challenge. - Ruth Esau

Dreaming or visioning takes a particular focus, and reflection, to be turned into bold action.

I learned this through the gracious goodness of a wonderful team I served with. They were the ones who often pulled my feet to the ground and kept me focused on the next step which of course was for me as an ideation or visionary person, often perceived was too slow.

It was a gift to have people who heard what I was talking about, help me take a deep breath, step back and realize to others my great idea was like a huge cloud of unknowing. I saw where we could be, they saw a thick blanket of cloud that needed to be lifted in order to move forward.

I think at a times I lived Nike's slogan, 'Just do It'. This gracious team gave me room to discover how to use the strength of my inner inspiration to create space to provide outer motivation for all of us to pull together and reach for the dream. The push, pull of the tension was tangible. The opportunity for friction and failure was real and yet it was the place where we learned to bring our diversity into service of the greater good.

How did we make this happen? We made some pivotal discoveries on the way, here are a few:

  1. We discovered that the conversations we had were the strength of our relational wealth that was precious to us.

  2. We discovered that what might of felt like the simplest question in fact provided clarity for the way forward.

  3. We discovered that perspectives although diverse all served to make a one person dream become a full orbed actuality.

  4. We discovered how to hold the tension through the journey of frustration, laughter, resistance, and clarity, so we could reach our goals.

There were lessons on what it looked to trust, empower and hold accountability as we walked together. These principles serve us well in many situations.

Share some thoughts on how you find what inspire and motivates you most.

Thanks You for those who have been sending your thoughts, experiences, stories and learnings. Som of them may just show up in future Blogs with your permission.

Next week we will explore some methods of inner inspiration and outer motivation that we all can explore and discover what serve each of us best.

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