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Everything Old is New Again - a Reflection in Time.

Growing up two blocks away from the Columbia River in Trail, BC, water was always a fascination. The top picture is a picture of the beauty of the mighty Columbia. I wish I knew the photographer to attribute it to.

Sandy Beach was where we played, picnicked, dipped our toes in the river and occasionally swam. Only occasionally as the water was frigid - we dared one another to see who would dive in, who had staying power. Hot summer days were idealic there.

This river also held a fierceness and a fear for me. The power of water to destroy was a consatnt reminder as there were many finds washed up on shore. I saw the devastation of the floods. I was heartbroken when my parents received the call that a good friend and Dad to some of my friends, jumped off the bridge and took his life. For the rest of my Junior High school days as I walked that bridge to school each day, I pondered life and death. I learned to overcome fears by chanaging my focus from death to planning and then reaching out to our friends family.

Only in the last year and some have Brian and I discovered the Bow RIver and the Elbow River. Weekends will find us walking 8 - 10 k , two to three times along the river, with the occasional stop for coffee. It has been intriguing to me to rediscover my love of the river, to find new paths and fresh ponderings.

The river teams with life and so many rich analogies of life. We find we become gentler and more reflective souls in our walks. This year was intriguing to experience the seasons of the river and to find deep appreciation for the cycle of our lives reflected there.

The river walks lower my adrenaline, feed my soul, capture my imagination, and makes life right-sized again. The late spring rising and rushing waters, the summer floating on the lazy and yet constant currents, the fall overcome with vibrant and reflective colours, the winter cold, sharp and beautiful, all a picture of life.

This summer make time for paying attention, for wandering and wondering, for discovering and appreciating the gift of the world right around you.

Happy summer discoveries and inspiration.

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