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Coming Your Way, Fall, 2021

Inspired to Lead is privileged to offer the following two cohorts for two female audiences of leadership development whether employees or volunteers in Faith Ministry.

1. Essence Leadership for the emerging and establishing leader.

Our Purpose is to see those who are seeking to establish a rhythm of life and leadership established in the essence of what we were created and called to be and do.

2. Leadership Savvy for experienced and seasoned women leaders focused on working with and through others.

Our purpose is to walk together in ministry and encourage each other was we invest in those in our circle of influence.

Inspired to Lead is privileged to offer the following Second Level Leader Cohort to the Non Profit Community.

After the privilege I have had working with great non profit organizations like Jewish Family Services Calgary, The Immigrant Education Socitey , RESET, Amaris Adoption, Kerby Centre and Ascent in varioous ways, I have come to develop a Seven Session Cohort Opportunity for Second Level Leaders in the Non Profit called Culture Orientation.

What if you had second level leaders who:

  1. were capable of having difficult conversations that end with movement forward?

  2. knew their values and how to use what they value most to enrich the organizations desired outcomes?

  3. became more strategic in their thinking and able to solve problems and issues with clear and effective thinking?

  4. operated as leaders rather than managers of people creating a forward momentum?

  5. were increasingly more self aware and able to inspire others to live up to their capabilities?

  6. knew how to have healthy conversations with peers, colleagues, supervisors and direct reports so leadership growth was evidenced and healthy.

These are a few of the issues that organizations spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars on after the fact and when a crisis occurs. This series is one way that you, as the Executive leader can embrace an opportunity to create an abundance mindset and a healthy staff culture. This is an investment that will multiply and grow.

The topics covered ground and give opportunity for your second level leaders to grow and become more effective in service to the organization and ultimately to your clients, who are your reason for being.

This series can be used within a Non Profit Organization. Another option is for one or more Non Profit Organizations to bring their second level staff together for these leadership developmental opportunities.

Please feel free to pass this on to other ED's as they come to mind.

Registration is open and will be processed as applications arrive. Application deadline is September 1, 2021. Please email with any questions or comments you may have or to request an application form. Please indicate your interest in

  1. Essence Leadership for women in the faith community

  2. Leadership Savvy for experienced leaders in the faith community

  3. Culture Orientation for men and women, second level leaders in the non profit sector.

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