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A Few Good Books

Books are a typical portion of my summer bucket list.There is not enough time in the world to read all the books that are out there. I have become a bit of a book snob and only read what is highly recommended and reread those books that changed my life along the way. I don't believe it is how much one reads that is of most importance. I do believe that what counts the most is what challenges us to grow and what we embrace that changes our lives aand moves us forward.

This is a portion of summer 2021 reading:

  • Books to challenge my thinking whether they are fiction or non fiction.

  • Books I have read before and just want to go back to again.

  • Books to make me stop and think and create space to move beyond my biases whether they are known or unknown.

  • Books to deepen my craft of teaching and facilitating.

  • Books to help me understand themes that I may not have experienced and yet others in my circle of influence have.

  • Books to just enter the fictional life of others that intrigue me.

  • Books by some of my favorite Authors.

  • and on it goes.....

Is there a book that a has challenged you or encouraged you? Please take a moment to share it here for others to pick up on.

Watch for further information on new cohorts being offered this Fall, 2021.

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