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Who Am I?

I am intrigued that the woman my husband married ( that would be me) in her twenties is not the same woman he is married to today after 48 years of life and living together! That may or may not come as a surprise to many of you! It really proves the quote by Ernest Hemingway, "Gradually then suddenly."

As we journey through life, our journeys change us and those we work with. Change is not so much the point here as being relevant, self-awareness is crucial to knowing who we are.

I am an admirer of Jesus Christ as a leader and am working on another leadership book based on how I perceive His leadership. There is a story in the Bible that tells how He was with the ones that worked alongside Him. As they were walking along ( as this was their mode of transportation) He just asks them, "who do people say I am?". And the discussion continues. Each of us as leaders leave a wake or perceptions about ourselves behind us. Along with knowing who I am , this is a great challenge to all of us to ask those we are with , who do people say, who do you say I am? This is about perception, take those responses if you are brave enough to ask the question and measure it against who you know yourself to be. What do you learn? What can be a part of you becoming a more congruent leader? Continue to seek relevance by increasing your self-awareness.

You will find great resources for increasing your self-awareness in, What-if Leadership Journal , which is available in paperback and Ebook on

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