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I have been fortunate that all through my career, I have had a season that was a little less hectic for me. In my case it usually was the summer season. I relished the extra time to focus on study, research, R&R, fun and increasing in my skills, hobbies and abilities.

I discovered that it also took some intentionality and self discipline to make the most of the slower pace. It was so easy to be lazy and not to do anything and it was just as easy to keep up the same pace and letting whatever happened fill my time.

About March or April every year, I find myself beginning to collect ideas, books, themes to explore and skills to deepen or learn. I feel like a kid in a candy store, what will I chose, what will I focus on? I usually have a notebook and a bag and I just keep throwing ideas and items into it.

As I have worked with executive leaders I have found that one of the hardest things for them to articulate is what fills them up and, or how they would describe what fun is to them.

Over the next number of weeks, I will share some of the themes that are intriguing me this year and what I will be diving into over the summer.

If you have thoughts and themes that you plan on exploring or some great ideas for fun, please send them my way here or email me and I will pass them on.

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