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Here are a few ideas - pick what resonates with you. Let go of the rest.

1. What-if Leadership Journal, chapter 12 holds some philosophical calendar thoughts to consider.

2. Figure out what time of day you are most alert and articulate - focus your most important work during these hours.

3. Turn Notifications off on your email and Messages. Use a separate app such as What's App for your Family to create easy

access for you all.

4. Determine how often you will check email and create a process for dealing with it. Create a process that fits your energy levels and calendar commitments, one that works for you. For example: Email check 1 - after you have prioritized your day, make adjustments for what is truly important. Email check 2 - prior to lunch, decide to respond immediately or schedule your response. Email Check 3 - An hour before finishing your day - decide when and how to deal with each item.

5. Create a Social Media process that works best for you to be able to focus and not get sidetracked in your most productive hours. You will feel much more satisfied accomplishing what you say is important than feeling good by social posts.

There are many rich and useful resources to learn to lead yourself. Make time for some of these this summer. Here are a few worth pursuing:

Organizing From the Inside Out, Julie Morgenstern

The Bullet Journal Method, Ryder Carroll

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