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Part 2: The Tensions of Leader as Facilitator

Who Am I and Who Am I Not?

Richard Rohr, Julia Cameron, Lance Secretan, Ken Shigamatsu, Robert Clinton, so many Authors speak to the need to affirm our identity, to know and be firmly rooted in our own personal identity.

Without a true sense of who you are, how you were shaped and molded by your time in history, your unique creation, your education, your experiences, can you build a life of purpose and sustainability?

Your knowledge of your identity is a two fold part of the foundation of life upon which you will rise or fail. If you do not know 'who you are', then you cannot truly know others. You will struggle to answer the question, " Is this all there is to life?" You will have no context for the building of your life. You will have no foundation to move into the second half of life with confidence and competence, egoless and wise.

If on the flip side you do not know 'who you are not', you will struggle to rise above the waves of unknowing that will toss you to and fro, time and time again. Your energy will be expended on fighting the undefined waves of life rather than rowing the boat forward.

Our identity which includes 'who I am' and 'who I am not' breeds a confidence that is not ego driven. It creates a competence that is sound and filled with good judgement. It is a part of finding our soul's true home.

How does one's identity intersect with leader as facilitator? Those who are most effective in their leadership and influence of others in the same direction as the organization, are grounded in their identity and do not need to use it as the barbed tool to coerce others. They are able to identify, listen and hear the hearts of others without having to defend themselves or their beliefs. They recognize that a blend of perspectives will bring the opportunity for disagreement while building on these differences to help the team navigate to a fully orbed and mutual decision in the same direction.

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